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Renewing Communities Through Innovation and Opportunity

The goal of the FSIC American Innovation & Opportunity Fund (AIOF) is to help communities rebuild by providing opportunities through the creation of public/private partnerships. AIOF believes that with access to the right wealth building tools communities will thrive.  

Accomplishing Goals Through Public Private Partnerships

AIOF will accomplish its goal by:  

· Creating relationships between communities, local government, and responsible business partners  

· Support new and existing Small Business Entrepreneurs through mentoring programs and access to capital education events 

· Matching employers willing to reach out to disadvantaged communities with individuals willing to work  

· Facilitating a responsible lending program to help defray the cost of apprenticeships and training certification programs  

· Providing level appropriate Financial Literacy  

· Providing a Networking forum for Lending Innovators, Legislators, Community Groups, and Academics interested in these issues   

Our mission

Renewing communities through innovation and opportunity 

  • Introducce Economic Opportunities through community outreach
  • Offer educational programming and access to  finanicial literacy training

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FSIC American Innovation & Opportunity Fund

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